About SwissPyramid, the shop and us

About SwissPyramid:

Between 1884 and 1970, some 80 metal pyramids were erected on the peaks of Switzerland, to “measure”, ultimately, to create national topographic maps. With new instruments and measurement techniques evolving, these pyramids are now gradually disappearing. Currently, 60 pyramids are still standing, always retain a prominent place in the landscape and in Swiss culture.

We consider that this symbol can fully reflect the value of our concept store, so we chose 'SwissPyramid' as the store name and designed this logo.

Triangulation pyramid, Chasseral, 2608 Nods

 Pyramid of Chasseral, 2608 Nods , photoed at 17.08.2018

The shop 'SwissPyramid' and us:

We are a team with extensive experience in tourism business. In recent years we have observed that people in Switzerland believe the products in Switzerland are a symbol of quality. However, in fact, there are more and more low-quality products with Swiss logos on the market. Therefore, the company has decided to set up a concept store that sells genuine Swiss high-quality products. These products and brands must undergo our strict screening and meet the following values:

  • <b> Attractivity | Durability | Functionality | Quality

We started the actual operation and officially opened in the spring of 2019. Our concept store is located in the center of Lausanne. You can order products from our website at any time, or you can try it at our physical store in downtown Lausanne (recommended make an appointment in advance).

Our customer base is not just for tourists, but for you in any corner of the world who pursue a high quality of life.

SwissPyramid is a commercial project of SwissPyramid Sàrl, Avenue de Tivoli 2, 1007 Lausanne, Switzerland. The commerce registration number in Switzerland is CHE-137.754.996