Single-Use Medical Face Masks (10 pcs/pack) TYPE IIR Approved by TÜV & SGS

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【 Model Specifications 】Pleat-style with earloops


【 Dimensions 】17.5cm × 9.5cm; 10 pcs/pack


【 Certification and Test 】Approved by TÜV SÜD & SGS


【 European Standard 】EN 14683 TYPE IIR


【 Descriptions 】

The product consists of a three-layer mask, a nose clip, and elastic earloops. The outer layer is made of blue non-woven fabric, the middle filter layer is made of white polypropylene melt-brown cloth, and the inner layer is made of white non-woven fabric. The mask is effective for blocking the penetration of blood and other fluids. Please note that each piece is non-sterilized and single-use only. 


【Use Cautions 】

  • Check if the package is in good condition before use. If the package is damaged, please do not use it.
  • Confirm the packaging mark, production batch number, and expiry date.
  • It is prohibited to be worn by medical personnel in infectious wards and operating rooms.
  • It is prohibited to be worn by voluntary personnel during the medical process in infectious wards and operating rooms. 
  • Use with caution for those allergic to non-wove fabrics. 
  • The product is disposable and cannot be reused. Repeated use may cause cross-infection. 
  • If the appearance of the product changes (moisture absorption, yellowing, mildew), please do not use it. 
  • The product should be used as soon as possible after opening. 
  • The used masks should be disposed of according to the requirements of the hospital or the environmental protection department. 


【 Storage Condition 】

The product shall maintain their properties in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas condition at a temperature not higher than 50. Keep away from fire and flammable materials. 

【 Manufacture 】Sichuan Yangtian Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


【 Production Date 】APR 2020


【 Expiry Date 】MAR 2021



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