Cellcosmet Ultra Vital (24h Creme)

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Ultra Vital
Special 24 Hour Revitalising Cellular Cream
Intensive Treatment
Extremely concentrated in active stabilised bio-integral cells (24%)

50ml / Net wt. 1.7 oz.
Ref. 851.301

All skin types
From age 30

Helps prevent and visibly attenuates the visible signs of premature skin ageing
Intensively revitalises and optimises cellular activity
Protects, moisturises* and nourishes the skin
Rebalances natural skin functions and restores skin vitality
Firms cutaneous tissues
Reinforces the natural defences of the epidermis
Provides a radiant complexion typical of healthy skin
Allergy tested
Dermatologically tested
Its added value:
A best seller!
The most highly concentrated cellular cream that respects the skin's feminine identity



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