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  • Cellcosmet
  • Niance

Our team is proud to collaborate with some of the top Swiss skincare brands and manufacturers, known globally for their exceptional quality and innovation. These brands include:

  1. La Prairie: Renowned for its luxurious anti-aging products, La Prairie is a leader in scientifically advanced skincare. The brand is famous for its Skin Caviar collection, which offers lifting and firming benefits extracted from caviar.

  2. Valmont: With over a century of history, Valmont is a Swiss skincare luminary that uses advanced DNA cellular technology for premier anti-aging effects. They offer a range of products, including the Prime Renewing Pack, a popular anti-stress and fatigue-erasing cream-mask hybrid.

  3. Cellcosmet: Known for its innovative cellular biotechnology, Cellcosmet stands out with its unique approach to skincare. Their products are enriched with stabilized cellular extracts and feature an exclusive Expert Hyaluron Complex.

  4. L Raphael: A high-end brand offering a range of advanced skincare solutions, including the Perfection Global Age Management System Cream and Proactive Anti-Aging Energy Vitamin C Serum.

  5. CHOLLEY: As one of the most innovative Swiss skincare brands, CHOLLEY specializes in high-quality phyto dermocosmetics. They focus on anti-aging and skin repair treatments, leveraging nearly 50 years of research and development.

  6. Weleda: Focused on natural ingredients, Weleda offers products harmonizing with the skin’s natural ability to restore itself. They are known for their Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Body Cream, among other products.

  7. Cell Premium: Utilizing plant stem cells and culture extracts, Cell Premium develops skincare products that activate natural collagen production and regenerate skin’s stem cells.

  8. Bellefontaine: Offers luxurious skincare products that fight against soft inflammation, a primary cause of aging skin. Their products include the Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Eye Contouring Perfection Cream.

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